E-Bike Kompakt

The KEB200 is the perfect entry-level compact model and is equipped with the Bosch Active Line motor. An adjustable stem and the uniform frame size with a long seat post ensure great variability. You can choose the gears and components of your KEB yourself. 

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Due to the space-saving design, you can store our compact series bikes easy in the car, the bicycle garage in your camper or in the cellar. With pedals and handlebars folded, the KEB measures 30 x 171 x 90cm.

Configurate your dream bike


Adjust the height of the handlebar to your body height and your needs   without any further tools with the speedlifter quick release solution.

Bosch Active Line

The city motor - for all those who are looking for a quiet, compact drive for their pedelec. The Active Line integrates optimally into the frame, ensures a safe riding experience thanks to the low centre of gravity and supports with 40 Nm up to a speed of 25 km/h. Those who want to ride faster benefit from the very low pedal resistance - which can be combined with a backpedal function.

Compact intra+ 20

A long seat tube, the low step-in and the integrated battery make the KEB frame practical and comfortable. With many adjustment options, the bike can be perfectly adapted for your needs.

Equipment packages



Premium quality entirely: We replace the high-quality components with even better ones.

You can find the components, which will be exchanged in your dream bike in our overview.



For all those who want a little more. The Upgrade Package takes your bike to the next level in terms of equipment.

You can find the components, which will be exchanged in your dream bike in our overview.



The ultimate level in quality for equipping your bike. We make no compromises and equip the bike with the best of the best.


Frame type

Compact 20



Frame type

Compact 20
Compact 20


9 speed Shimano Sora

7 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

8 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

8 speed Shimano Nexus coaster brake

5 speed Shimano Nexus coaster brake

5 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

Colour options

Deep Black
Night Blue
Stone Basalt
British Green
Mocca Brown
Emerald Green
Silver Grey
Ice Blue
Faded Mint
Pure White
Melon Yellow
Scarlet Red
Blaze Orange
Sky Blue
Lime Green
Wine Red

Each available in matte and gloss finish.



Bosch Active Line

If elegant visuals are what you’re after, look no further than our Active line drive system. A compact design helps the drive unit blend perfectly into the bicycle frame, while weight savings and a lower centre of gravity mean a safer and more secure ride. Experience the pure joy of cycling without any background noise – seamlessly assisted up to 25km/h. If you need more speed, make the most of the low-resistance pedals over 25km/h.

Bosch Active Line


Rigid fork


Trekking Town

The Trekking Town handlebar offers very good all-round properties, and its ergonomic bend and slight rise make it an ideal fit for trekking and touring bikes that can also be used for everyday use.

Trekking Town


Ergon GP-10


Shimano Disc MT200

The inexpensive standard brake from Shimano convinces with good workmanship and decent braking power. At the same time, it is easy to control and is very durable.


Lumotec Dopp 35 Lux

A small, modern headlight with close-range illumination. The entry level model in eBike lighting brings 35 Lux, perfect for anyone who rides in the dark from time to time.

Lumotec Dopp 35 Lux


Trelock LS-611Duo Flat

Flat design, an integrated reflector and LED technology ensure good visibility.

Trelock LS-611Duo Flat


Ergotec Atar

This aluminium patented seatpost with a two-screw clamp enables the saddle to be moved backwards by up to 25 mm. It is suitable for saddles with stays that are 7 and 8 mm thick.

Ergotec Atar


Wittkop Medicus Trekking

The Medicus trekking saddle is suitable for all those who want to adopt a moderate sitting position on their bike. That is why we use it as basic equipment on our trekking bikes. 

Wittkop Medicus Trekking


Bosch 400 Wh

The battery for all everyday journeys. The 400 Wh battery masters the ride to work, to the shops or ride after work without any problems.


Flexi Bell

Teaser Fahrrad-Detailseite

Velo de Ville Rubrik Händlersuche

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