LEB 990
E-Bike SUV

Dynamic on the road with the LEB 990. The sporty pedelec's wide tyres provide optimal suspension, even when the road gets a little rougher. The   Performance Line CX motor from Bosch provides support when pedalling. 

LEB 990

In the SUV series, the focus is on versatility. Choose your frame, gears and other components.

Configurate your dream bike


With this battery, tours can be as long as you like - with a capacity of up to 625 Wh, you can go on a long distance tour without having to recharge the battery.

Bosch Performance Line CX

The power benchmark among the drives - for sporty riders even off the beaten track. With 85 Nm, the Performance Line CX drive is perfectly equipped for steep climbs. In addition, it offers a dynamic support level with the eMTB mode, which is sensitively adapted to the pedal pressure. This allows the motor to deliver the necessary power at the right moment to overcome obstacles in the terrain or the steep hill. The excellent freewheel features make it even easier to ride the bike above 25 km/h. 

Men Intube

The men's frame with fully integrated battery. It implements maximum stability up to 65cm frame height.

Deep Intube

The comfortable version of the trekking frame is also available with the fully integrated rechargeable battery.

Trapez Intube

Sporty and elegant at the same time - the frame in the classic trapeze shape hides the battery perfectly in its tube.


Frame type

Herren Intube 27,5

Trapez Intube 27,5

Deep Intube 27,5


55 60 65 

45 50 55 

45 50 55 60 

Frame type

Herren Intube 27,5
Men Intube 27,5
Trapez Intube 27,5
Trapez Intube 27,5
Deep Intube 27,5
Deep Intube 27,5


9 speed Shimano Alivio

11 speed Shimano Deore

5 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

12 speed Shimano Deore

Enviolo TR

12 speed Shimano XT

5 speed Shimano Nexus Di2 freewheel


11 speed Shimano Deore XT Di2

14 speed Rohloff

14 speed Rohloff E14

Frame geometry

The right frame height is important for high riding comfort and fun. Once you have decided on a model, the first step is to determine the frame height. This depends primarily on your leg / stride length. You can use the following rule of thumb to determine the right frame height: Step length x 0.66 = Frame height If you are exactly between two frame heights on offer, choose the smaller one. If you would like to equip your bike with a suspension seat post, also choose a frame one size smaller.