A 400
Bike Allround

The A 400 is perfectly equipped for everyday use with a suspension fork, disc brakes and a moderate riding position.

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A 400

Regardless of what you want to explore, the trekking series is ideally equipped for it. From city tours to dirt and gravel roads, the high-quality bikes are reliable.

Configurate your dream bike

Allround talent

The moderate seating position is achieved by an angle-adjustable stem in combination with ergonomic trekking handlebars. Long distances can be covered comfortably, even with a lot of luggage, thanks to the rack with Racktime rail.

Men Hydro

The hydroformed frame does not use round aluminium tubes, but tubes shaped with water pressure. This gives the men's frame a sportier look, but it can also be equipped comfortably. A toothed belt can also be selected. A disc brake is always included.

Trapez Hydro

The trapeze version of the Hydro frame offers sportiness and stability. With the disc brake and its toothed belt option, this unisex frame is also very suitable for long distances and any weather condition. 

Wave Hydro

The low-entry Hydro version also has a sporty look. The toothed belt can be selected, and a disc brake is always installed here.

Men Pinion

This frame has a special mount for the Pinion gearbox, which offers up to 18 gears compactly installed in the bottom bracket. 

Equipment packages



Premium quality entirely: We replace the high-quality components with even better ones.

Seat post: Ergotec SP 705 Paralelogram
Saddle: Terry Fisio Flex Gel
Front light: Busch&Müller IQ-XS 70 Lux TS
Back light: Busch&Müller Toplight Line Brake Plus
Bell: Knog
Pedals: Industrial ball bearing
Frame lock: Frame lock with chain slot



For all those who want a little more. The Upgrade Package takes your bike to the next level in terms of equipment.

Seat post: Ergotec SP 10.0 suspended
Saddle: Selle Royal Loire Gel City
Front light: Busch&Müller MYC 50 Lux TS
Back light: Busch&Müller Toplight Line Brake Plus
Bell: Knog
Frame lock: Frame lock with chain slot



Your all-round bike becomes a city bike in the twinkling of an eye. This allows you to sit more comfortably and upright. 



A brown saddle, brown tyres and brown grips give your bike a vintage look.



You want more security? No problem. See and be seen better thanks to this light upgrade.


Light Premium

The ultimate in bicycle lighting. Thanks to the highest quality components, you get the full perspective.


Holland Style

The closed chain case, the expanders on the luggage rack and the frame lock with non-removable key ensure the familiar Dutch look of your bike. 



This is how quickly a trekking bike can be turned into a sporty runabout: the Sport package makes your bike sportier and your ride perhaps also a little faster.



Turn your bike into a real off-roader. The Cross package comes with a sporty suspension fork and many other components for off-road riding.



Our travel package is optimally equipped for longer bike journey. Here you get an additional front luggage rack, extra stand for more stability when the bike is fully loaded and a rigid fork.


Frame type

Herren Hydro

Trapez Hydro

Herren Hydro Pinion

Wave Hydro


48 52 56 60 64 

45 50 55 60 

48 52 56 60 

45 50 55 60 

Frame type

Herren Hydro
Men Hydro
Trapez Hydro
Trapez Hydro
Herren Hydro Pinion
Men Hydro Pinion
Wave Hydro
Wave Hydro


7 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

8 speed Shimano Nexus coaster brake

8 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

9 speed Shimano Alivio

27 speed Shimano Alivio

8 speed Shimano Alfine freewheel

11 speed Shimano Deore

12 speed Shimano Deore

30 speed Shimano Deore

Enviolo TR

11 speed Shimano Alfine freewheel

12 speed Shimano XT

30 speed Shimano Deore XT

14 speed Rohloff E14

Pinion C1.12

Pinion P1.18

Colour options

Deep Black gloss
Night Blue gloss
Stone Basalt gloss
British Green gloss
Mocca Brown gloss
Emerald Green gloss
Silver Grey gloss
Ice Blue gloss
Faded Mint gloss
Pure White gloss
Melon Yellow gloss
Scarlet Red gloss
Blaze Orange gloss
Sky Blue gloss
Lime Green gloss
Wine Red gloss

Each available in matte and gloss finish.



RST Volant


Trekking Town

The Trekking Town handlebar offers very good all-round properties, and its ergonomic bend and slight rise make it an ideal fit for trekking and touring bikes that can also be used for everyday use.

Trekking Town


Ergon GP-10


Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus 50-622

More than an entry-level tire. Affordable city and touring tire with remarkable puncture protection. Schwalbe Protection Level 5 with strong 3 mm PunctureGuard protection belt. The classic center-rib tread is versatile and offers pleasant rolling characteristics. Equipped with high-quality 50 EPI carcass as well as reflective stripes. A tire for anyone looking for a good all-rounder for everyday use. That is why the Delta Cruiser Plus is the standard tire on our all-round and comfort bikes.

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus 50-622


Shimano Disc MT200

This disc brake impresses with solid workmanship and high-quality materials. It benefits from the technical expertise of Shimano. The One-Way-Bleeding bleeding system allows easy maintenance, the grip width of 75 mm is also suitable for smaller hands. Its versatile design suits the numerous bike types and is always a good and inexpensive alternative.


Lumotec Dopp 35 Lux

A modern, powerful headlight specially developed for entry into the premium class. Thanks to proven lens technology, the LED headlight of the smallest design brings 35 lux to the road, an exceptional performance in this price class and product size, including parking light and daytime running LEDs. Large light openings to the side increase all-round visibility and thus safety.

Lumotec Dopp 35 Lux


Axa Juno

Compact design meets good visibility. Thanks to the LED technology and the wide reflector, you will be seen from a distance of 500m. The side lighting provides additional safety in the dark.

Axa Juno


Ergotec Glide

The Ergotec Glide is the entry-level suspension seat post, it offers a hardness adjustment as well as adjustable side play. This makes for a comfortable ride. The steel spring suspension supports body weight from 70 up to 120 kg. 

Ergotec Glide


Wittkop Medicus Trekking

The Medicus trekking saddle is suitable for all those who want to adopt a moderate sitting position on their bike. That is why we use it as basic equipment on our trekking bikes. 

Wittkop Medicus Trekking


Flexi Bell

Frame geometry

The right frame height is important for high riding comfort and fun. Once you have decided on a model, the first step is to determine the frame height. This depends primarily on your leg / stride length. You can use the following rule of thumb to determine the right frame height: Step length x 0.66 = Frame height If you are exactly between two frame heights on offer, choose the smaller one. If you would like to equip your bike with a suspension seat post, also choose a frame one size smaller.