Pedelec Trekking

AEB 900

AEB 900
Optional equipment packages


Get out and about without a care with puncture-resistant tyres by Schwalbe. In addition, we fit bikes with ball-bearing pedals, while Pedelecs also have a closed Chainglider chainguard fitted.



If more comfort is what you’re looking for, this package comes with a snug saddle and a sprung Parallelogramm saddlepost.



Brown tyres, brown handlebar grips and a brown saddle give your bike a stylish vintage look.

Happy Size 160

Happy Size 160

More stability even when heavier overall? We guarantee that your bike will be able to withstand loads of up to 160kg.

from: 3199.00€
Start Configuration
Frame material
Rahmen - Herren Intube
Gents Intube
Rahmen - Trapez Intube
Trapez Intube
Rahmen - Deep Intube
Deep Intube
Frame Height
Rahmen - Herren Intube
Gents Intube
50 55 60
Rahmen - Trapez Intube
Trapez Intube
45 50 55
Rahmen - Deep Intube
Deep Intube
45 50 55 60
3 299€
5 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel
3 299€
8 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel
3 399€
8 speed Shimano Alfine freewheel
4 899€
14 speed Rohloff
3 599€
Enviolo Trekking
3 199€
9 speed Shimano Deore Mix
3 499€
11 speed Shimano Deore XT Mix
Bosch Performance CX
Cobi Connect Plus
Frame type
Rahmen - Herren Intube
Gents Intube 50 55 60
Rahmen - Herren Intube
Gents Intube
Rahmen - Trapez Intube
Trapez Intube 45 50 55
Rahmen - Trapez Intube
Trapez Intube
Rahmen - Deep Intube
Deep Intube 45 50 55 60
Rahmen - Deep Intube
Deep Intube
Colour options premium
black black
planetred planetred
iceblue iceblue
nightblue nightblue
basalt metallic basalt metallic
Colour options exclusive
white white
mint mint
sun yellow sun yellow
wine red wine red
british green british green
bronze metallic bronze metallic
silver silver
anthracite anthracite
apple green apple green
Royal blue Royal blue
Colour options premium matt and exclusive +50€

Bosch Performance

Whether trekking, shredding a mountain trail or commuting: even the most demanding e-bikers will be satisfied with this sporty performance line.. A finely balanced high-performance system, with torque peaking at 63 Nm, turns e-bikers into discoverers and adventurers, providing the power they need whenever they need it. Look forward to even more fun in the saddle – up to 25km/h with the Performance Cruise drive unit or whizz up to 45km/h with the Speed model.

Battery: 500 Wh - fully integrated

Bosch Compact 4 A

Moreover, 4A means it charges far faster too, giving you the perfect compromise between portability and charging power.
Charging time 500 Wh: 4.5h


Bosch Intuvia, detachable

With Intuvia, operating your Pedelec has never been so easy or more intuitive. The display is easy to read, whatever the lighting conditions. Separate controls let your hands remain securely on the handlebars. Monitor all your travel data any time you like. The gear shift recommendations keep you in the right gear every time, helping preserve your battery and boost your range as a result.
- Optimum control comfort
- Retains functions even when detached
- Good readability
- USB interface can be used as charger (e.g. for smartphones) 
- Service interval display

Suspension fork:
RST Volant, matte black, lockout
Seat tube:
Ergotec SP-10.0, aluminium, suspended

Wittkop Medicus City

Good workmanship, great padding and an ergonomic form, specially developed by doctors. A triple-header of comfort zones (fixed cushioning with dynamic weight adjustment, an elastic triangular shape with dynamic anatomical adjustment and a soft, pre-shaped outlet to stabilize the sitting position).

Double-walled, eyelets, black
Nirosta, black

Schwalbe Marathon 40-622

The highly elastic GreenGuard layer is 3 mm thick. One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products.
The “anti-aging” sidewall can withstand for much longer the typical cracking that results from overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure. All Marathon models can be fitted on Pedelecs.


Racktime Tour Pro, Aluminium, with spring-loaded flap

The ECO 2.0 Tour marks your perfect introduction to the world of Racktime carriers. Snapit-compatible, they can be fitted flexibly thanks to adjustable roundstays. The light but strong 12mm tubes maximise stability and the second bag fixing opens up even more potential for longer trips. And what’s more, it already includes one spring clamp.
(Weight: approx. 920 grams)

B&M AVY 40 lux Senso Plus stand light, daytime running light
Rear lights:

Trelock LS 611 Duo Flat

The intelligent design of the  LS 611 Duo Flat in the 6–12 V version ensures perfect illumination and light distribution so that the cyclist is not only easily visible from the back, but also from the side. The LS 611 Duo Flat also offers a stand light function for additional safety. This ensures that the back light is still illuminated after stopping for 4 minutes. The field of vision is 300 m. (Weight: approx. 50 g)

Handlebar stems:

Ahead Octopus 50 Aluminium 31,8mm

The Octopus 50 AHS is a stable, angularly adjustable and 3D-forged aluminum ahead stem. The higher steer tube clamp adds 50 mm, enabling a more upright and therefore relaxed seating position.  The fastening on the handlebar is done via a clamping by four screws. (Weight: about 350 grams)


Trekking Town Aluminium 31,8mm

With an incline of 16 mm and a 30° arm angle, these very lightweight aluminium handlebars result in a sporty, yet relaxed position. (Weight: approx. 292 Gramm)

Knog, Alu silver
Brake lever:
Shimano Disc T445

Shimano Disc T445

The T445 Shimano combines the advantages of a disc brake with the built-in hydraulic disc brake lever. The 3-finger brake lever ensures a good grip. A light and clean venting is guaranteed by the hopper venting and one-way venting.

Ergon GP1, ergonomic, bolted
Plastic, matte black
Chainguard: Plastic, matte black
Pedals: Aluminium, full ball bearings, non-slip
Side stand: Hebie 661, chainstay, adjustable
Lock: yes
Lock for battery:
Pump: Rookie

Frame geometry

The right frame height is important for a high degree of cycling comfort and fun. When you have chosen a model, the fame height is first defined. This primarily depends on your leg / inside length. The following rule of thumb will help you find the right frame height: Inside leg - 25 cm = frame height If you should be exactly between two frame heights, choose the smaller of the two. If you wish to fit your bike with a suspension saddle post, you should also choose a frame one size smaller.

A Head tube | B Top-tube length | C Horizontal length | D Rear length | E Foot space | F Bike stand | G Saddle tube angle | H Handlebar stem angle | I Step-through
Frame material Frame type Height A B C D E F G H I
Gents Intube
50 150 591 620 490 660 1142 72,0° 71,0° 731
Gents Intube
55 150 560 630 490 670 1152 72,0° 71,0° 777
Gents Intube
60 170 616 640 490 680 1163 72,0° 71,0° 823
Trapez Intube
45 150 590 620 490 660 1142 72,0° 71,0° 622
Trapez Intube
50 150 600 630 490 670 1152 72,0° 71,0° 581
Trapez Intube
55 150 627 640 490 680 1162 72,0° 71,0° 615
Deep Intube
45 150 ---- 620 490 660 1152 72,0° 71,0° 450
Deep Intube
50 150 ---- 630 490 670 1152 72,0° 71,0° 450
Deep Intube
55 150 ---- 640 490 680 1162 72,0° 71,0° 450
Deep Intube
60 150 ---- 650 490 690 1172 72,0° 71,0° 450
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