Shifting Systems

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Shifting Systems

In addition to the colour and the frame shape and size, the most difficult decision when buying a bike is the choice of gears. In our
range you are sure to find the right option for you.

Which gear system is right for me?
As a general rule, you can select from between hub, derailleur and transmission gear shifting, each has its own advantages. Hub gears need the least maintenance, while derailleurs usually offer more gears and gradations. Transmission gear shifting, meanwhile, offers a totally new ride feel altogether.

What does the term ‘gear inches’ mean?

The gear ratio defines, how many meters you'll travel with one crank turn. The less meters it is, the easier you'll pedal (important for uphill rides). The more meter it is, the harder you'll pedal and the faster you can go (important when driving downhill). The transmission range describes the difference between the first and the last speed. For choosing the right gearshift you should consider the following points.

Rule of thumb for the right transmission of speeds
The more you are traveling in mountainous regions, the more value you should put on a light first speed. The gear ratio should not be more than 2.20 meters (1: 1 ratio). You will cover the circumference of your wheel with one crank turn.

How high should the last gear be configured?
The sportier and faster your riding style, the more important it is to have a high last gear (extended gear inches).

How fine should the speeds be adjusted to each other?
The speeds are ideally located with the same distance to each other. The ideal distance is between 40 and 50 cm. If it is less, so you will not notice any difference while driving. If it is greater you will not have the ideal translation for the driving situation. The illustrations show the translation range of different gear systems in comparison and additionally the distribution of the individual speeds. All specifications are approximate values​​, since the exact development of the circumference of the tyre depends. The circumference of the tyre depends on the type as well as on its width. The exact values ​​may differ by a few centimeters.



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    The 14 speed hub gear of the German inventor Rohloff is the gear for all hub gear enthusiasts. With 14 speeds, the hub offers a similarly wide gear range as a 27 speed derailleur. There are 14 real speeds available, since there is no overlap. The Rohloff hub switches in very constant increments of about 13.6% and is controlled by a twist-grip control. Due to their sealed construction it is extremely durable and guarantees even under extreme conditions long durability.

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  • PINION C1.12 12 SPEED

    Whether it's the daily sprint to the office or a long weekend bike ride, the C line is your perfect companion. A biomechanically optimised support distance (Q factor) of just 166 millimetres paves the way for sporty and healthy cycling, aligning the pedal force of the bike to your body's axis. The key concept of the new C-Line design is optimal integration into modern bicycle frames.

  • PINION P1.18 18 SPEED

    The pinion gear has a transmission bandwidth of 636%. This makes it superior to any derailleur and hub gears. It offers 18 real speeds - without overlapping. The courses are graded finely and evenly with 11.5%. You can easily switch with twist-grip control, sequentially or in various speed changes, depending on your driving situation. The P1.18 means low maintenance and low wear. All shifting relevant parts are protected inside the gearbox, which is protected by a sealed, stable casing against soiling and damage. Only every 10,000 km or once a year, the oil of the gear should be changed. Overall, it is designed for a service life of 60,000 km and more. The bottom bracket weighs not quite three kilograms.  The deep, central focus and a light rear wheel improve the handling, suspension and finally the vehicle dynamics.