Brakes to rely on

Bremsen im Vergleich


Magura HS11, Öl-Hydraulik

HS11 Pure. The appetizer. The entry model of the MAGURA rim brake family is featuring technologies like TPA for toolless pad wear adjustment or EBT for supereasy bleeding, enhancing thus again usability and comfort for the trekking- and citybike target group. The brake lever features a flip-flop design which ensures a superfast installation at your assembly lines and simplified logistics! Designed and manufactured in Germany!
The little sister of the new HS33 R is truly stunning. The MAGURA HS11 brake sets new benchmarks in terms of safety and reliability. Numerous current test winners are equipped with the HS11 – for riders whose top priority is safety.
(Weight about 843 grams / pair)

Magura HS11

Shimano BR-T4000 V-Brake

The V-brake of Shimano is a lighter alternative to the hydraulic rim brake. It ensures a strong braking quality in dry and wet conditions. (Weight: about 410 grams)

Shimano «V-Brake» Bremse

Shimano Disc M8000 - XT

The hydraulic Deore XT M8000 Disc impresses with an excellent modulation, with heat resistance and a simple setting. This brake is consistent, predictable and powerful. The technology ensures a constant performance of the brake disc. Furthermore, the Deore XT M8000 includes a one-way air vent to support an easy and smooth maintenance..

Shimano M8000-XT

Shimano Disc M200

You will love the solid workmanship and high-grade materials of these disk brakes for beginners – which tap into the technical expertise for which Shimano is famed. A great and economical alternative for the casual riders and beginner trekkers among you.

Shimano Disc T445

The T445 Shimano combines the advantages of a disc brake with the built-in hydraulic disc brake lever. The 3-finger brake lever ensures a good grip. A light and clean venting is guaranteed by the hopper venting and one-way venting.

Shimano Disc T445


The resilient Promax V-brake ensures a controlled and reliable braking in traffic.
(Weight: about 450 grams)

Promax «V-Brake»