E-Bikes SUV

SUV E-Bike vor rotem Hintergrund

Experience the best of both worlds with our innovative SUV E-Bikes! This category, known from the automotive industry, is now making its way onto two wheels. With a sporty handlebar that creates a touring-oriented riding position and wider tires for improved stability and comfort, our SUV E-Bikes are perfect for adventures off the beaten path.

Choose SUV if...

  • You want to ride briskly on wider tires and appreciate versatility.
  • You want to combine comfort and sportiness to enjoy every ride.
  • You want your bike to accompany you off-road and on exploration trips.

The road was yesterday – with our SUV E-Bikes, you're ready for new horizons. Feel the freedom and adventurous spirit with every pedal turn.


Base price from

2799 €