The Custom Made concept offers a wide range of possibilities. Find out here what the individual advantages are and which component makes sense for your dream bike.

Frau steht mit stylischem E-Bike im Park
Frau mit Rock neben eingeschalteter E-Bike Beleuchtung

Lightning systems and dynamos

With the right headlight, you can bring a lot of light into the darkness. Find the right model for you.
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Shifting Systems

Derailleur gears, gear hubs, stepless gears, gearshift. But what does that actually mean? An overview of our gears.
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Komponenten Bereichfung


Depending on the intended use, there are several tyres options for your dream bike. You can find a suitable tyre here.
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Luggage rack

For everything you want to take on a ride you need a good luggage rack. You will find yours in the in the overview.
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Choose your favourite from our range of quality brakes to ensure you always come to a safe stop.
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Stems & Handlebars

To make your riding position even more comfortable, you can choose several combinations of stem and handlebar.
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E-Bike Sattel


From sporty to comfortable, everything is possible. You can choose the saddle shape depending on the area of use.
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