E-Bike Motor Systems



Bosch Motor Systems

High-quality, reliable drives for every situation. With the motors and batteries from Bosch, you are guaranteed to find a suitable model for your riding style. Whether economical, quiet or powerful, choose one of the four motors for your dream bike and experience pure riding pleasure. In addition, several displays are available that provide you with riding data or additional features such as navigation. The battery capacity is also freely selectable and guarantees you the right range.

Bosch Active Line

Active Line

The city motor - for all those who are looking for a quiet, compact drive for their pedelec. The Active Line integrates optimally into the frame, ensures a safe riding experience thanks to the low centre of gravity and supports with 40 Nm up to a speed of 25 km/h. Those who want to ride faster benefit from the very low pedal resistance - which can be combined with a coaster brake.

Bosch Active Line Plus

Active Line Plus

The efficient motor - a perfect touring companion even beyond the city limits. This drive features 50 Nm of power, compact design and a light weight. It is also quiet, very energy-saving and can be combined with a coaster brake. A motor that delivers at its best on moderate inclines. 

Bosch Performance

Performance Line

The all-rounder - if you are looking for a motor for all needs, the Performance Line is the perfect choice. It combines 65 Nm with low pedal resistance and an equally compact design. So it can be used from city to sporty riding on paths and roads and also supports up to 25 km/h.

Bosch Performance CX

Performance Line CX

The power benchmark among the drives - for sporty riders even off the beaten track. With 85 Nm, the Performance Line CX drive is perfectly equipped for steep climbs. In addition, it offers a dynamic support level with the eMTB mode, which is sensitively adapted to the pedal pressure. This allows the motor to deliver the necessary power at the right moment to overcome obstacles in the terrain or the steep hill. The excellent freewheel features make it even easier to ride the bike above 25 km/h. 

Bosch Intuvia


With a separate control unit on the handlebar and a large, easy-to-read display, the Intuvia is very intuitive to use. In addition to the selected support level, it shows you the battery status, the range, data on the distance ridden and a shift recommendation. The display also has a USB port for charging your smartphone and is removable.

Bosch Kiox


Kiox supports you while riding with many additional features. For example, you can use a navigation system, get all the relevnat riding data on the colour display and can even track your training activities with the bike - automatically synchronised thanks to the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. The Kiox is removable and optimally secured with the practical magnetic holder when installed.

Bosch Smartphone Hub

Smartphone Hub

This turns your bike into a fully networked control centre: the Smartphone Hub connects your Apple or Android device to the bike, records your rides, navigates and controls other services and apps. In bad weather, the smartphone does not necessarily have to be positioned on the handlebars, because the Smartphone Hub has a separate display. 

Bosch Nyon


With the Nyon on-board computer you have everything at a glance: the 3.2" touchscreen shows you route guidance and fitness information about your tours. The user interface is customizable to your needs. The connection with the smartphone is possible via eBike Connect app from Bosch.

Bosch PowerPack 400

Powerpack 400 Wh

The battery for all everyday journeys. The 400 Wh battery masters the ride to work, to the shops or ride after work without any problems..

Bosch PowerPack 500

Powerpack 500 Wh

For all those who want to cover longer distances. With the 500 Wh power pack, the more powerful motors in particular can be optimally supplied.

Bosch PowerTube 400

PowerTube 400 Wh

Integrated into the frame, the 400 Wh Intube battery provides enough power for medium tours and distances. The battery is removable from the frame and can be charged even when removed. 

Bosch PowerTube 500

PowerTube 500 Wh

Longer distances are no problem with this battery. The 500 Wh Intube battery offers 25% more reserve than its smaller brother. Especially recommended if you get a stronger motor for the bike. 

Bosch PowerTube 625

PowerTube 625 Wh

With this battery you can experience every great tour. It offers significantly more capacity than the 500 Wh battery and is thus an excellent companion for day tours or longer distances where no charging stop is possible.




Light, silent and compact: The FAZUA RIDE 60 system integrates perfectly into the bike, creating a slim frame appearance. At first glance, the bikes appear almost like regular bicycles.

Fazua Ride 60 Motoreinheit

Ride 60

The DRIVE UNIT forms the core and consists of motor, gearbox, bottom bracket and sensors. Weighing just 1.96 kg, it is perfect for powering light, agile urban pedelecs. With its 60 Nm, the motor is powerful enough for all your urban tours.

Energy 430 Fazua Akku


The ENERGY 430 battery provides the necessary power. With its 430 Wh at only 2.3 kg, longer distances can be covered. The battery is removably positioned in the down tube.

Ring Control Bedieneinheit Fazua


The intuitive operation of the system is provided via RING CONTROL from the handlebar. Riding modes, light and push assist can be managed.

LED Hub Fazua


In addition, the LED HUB is built into the frame, which features LEDs for the selected riding mode and battery status as well as a USB-C charging socket. This ensures that your smartphone always has enough power for the FAZUA CONNECTED app.



The neodrives rear motors stand out as quiet and low-maintenance drives. They also impress with their agile driving characteristics. Due to the positioning in the rear wheel, gear shifts can be used for gear selection.