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Choice of colour and quality

After you have configured the bike yourself and selected all the components, we get to work. Your bike is manufactured in many individual steps, completely in line with your specifications. First of all, your chosen frame is primed and then painted in your chosen colour. When producing our paints, we not only make sure that we provide you with a large and exclusive selection, but we pay attention to the quality of the finish too. This means that all of our colours provide particularly high levels of robustness and durability.  

Producing the components

Most of the component parts for installation are manufactured in-house. This allows us to constantly check and improve quality. Moreover, having a high depth of production allows us to develop new functions and materials and test them straight away. All components that we do not produce ourselves have to meet the highest quality standards. For this reason, we carefully source our components, if possible from German or European production lines.  Our quality management has been awarded DIN ISO certification.

Constructing the component parts

Wheels, saddles, handlebars, as well as lighting and gear components, are assembled by hand at various stations. Teamwork is an important part of the creation of every bike for us, with everybody playing a part. Our employees' experience and team spirit forms a solid basis for the customer-specific production of our quality bikes. This is how we are able to produce hundreds of bikes by hand every day.

Inspection and delivery

All bikes produced at our factory are given a final check and are tested before they leave our premises. No screw may be too loose, no part installed incorrectly. Based on your original order, we check again whether everything has been translated into action as you wished and test the bike in terms of safety and quality. The pedals are then dismantled for transport purposes and the bike is prepared for delivery to your specialist cycle shop.

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