Warranty and Guarantee

Urban E-Bike

At VELO DE VILLE we have the highest quality standards for our products and solutions, so that we can offer you a very special bike riding experience. We share the same quality standards with our dealers. This unites us in the goal of providing you with your custom made product at the best possible service. It may happen (in absolute exceptional cases) that you are not satisfied with the product. In this case we have collected important information for you:


VELO DE VILLE grants the first owner of the bike a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.  

You can claim your bike warranty at a specialist dealer or a recognised specialist workshop from which you purchased your bike. The dealer is legally obliged to ensure that your bike is not defective in any way that would reduce its value or suitability for use. 

Warranty claims can only be made by the original owner. If you bought the bike from a third party (used), the warranty rules agreed between you and the third party apply. The warranty is not transferable. 

The warranty claims against the specialist dealer shall also apply in case of a purchasing via the Online Store and a delivery to the specialist dealer. 



In addition, VELO DE VILLE grants a voluntary manufacturer's warranty for a period of 5 years for the frame of your bike from the date of purchase. Additional claims from national warranty law remain unaffected. 

Requirements for the assertion of the guarantee are: 

  1. The bike passport in the appendix of the operating instructions has been filled in completely 
  2. Compliance with the inspection intervals defined in the operating instructions

During the extended warranty period, VELO DE VILLE will provide a bicycle frame free of charge. The costs of assembly and disassembly, as well as any transport costs, shall be covered by the owner.



The warranty or guarantee is invalid in the following cases

  • Damage due to accident, improper use of a bike and/or incorrect and/or negligent use
  • The bike was not maintained according to the instruction manual 
  • The prescribed inspection intervals were not observed 
  • Repairs were not carried out professionally 
  • Spare parts fitted afterwards do not correspond to the technical specification of the bike or are not fitted correctly 



The liability of VELO DE VILLE for damage resulting from: 

  • Incorrect adjustment of handlebars, brakes, saddle, seat post, derailleur gears 
  • Failure to replace individual parts such as brake cables, shift cables, brake pads, tyres, chain, sprockets in time
  • Normal wear 
  • Climatological influences, such as normal weathering of paint and chrome rust.  



All complaints must be made immediately upon discovery of the defect to the VELO DE VILLE dealer from whom you purchased the bike. 

For further claims, the dealer requires a proof of purchase (certificate) as well as the operating instructions with the maintenance booklet. Therefore, please keep these documents very carefully. 

If necessary, the dealer will contact our service department to solve your problem. 

During the warranty period, all material and construction defects detected by VELO DE VILLE will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The choice is made by VELO DE VILLE. 

In case of damaged frames that can no longer be used during the warranty period VELO DE VILLE will provide the same or an equivalent frame as a replacement free of charge. If a suitable frame is no longer available, VELO DE VILLE reserves the right to write a credit note for the bike concerned, taking into account the general condition as well as the mileage. Costs of assembly, disassembly as well as possible transport costs are to be carried by the owner of the bike.