Ergonomic Advice


An ergonomic bike setting is very important for healthy and easy cycling. A setting that is optimally adapted to the body improves power transmission for you and thus also reduces health risks when cycling. The individual adjustment of the bicycle to the rider also helps to ensure that the energy used is converted as effectively as possible. This guarantees riding pleasure. We have compiled important basic information for you here. Ultimately, however, your individual body proportions determine the optimal choice of model.


Foot position

To test the correct foot position, you should be able to place your feet on the pedals with the forefoot (ball of the foot) and crank loosely. When the foot passes through the lowest point of the pedal position, you should not feel any pelvic movement. A sinking of the pelvis at this moment indicates that the saddle height is set too high and should be changed. When cycling, if you do not pedal with the forefoot but with the midfoot or over the heel, you should not be able to move the ankle joint. This is very important in order to absorb the lateral movement of the knee joint as well. Otherwise, the knee is forced to keep the lateral movement to a minimum which can cause problems.


Seat position

Ideally, a person and a bicycle form a unit that is characterised by pain-free and comfortable movements when riding. To find the right seating position for you personally, the right choice of components (stem, handlebars, saddle and seat post, etc.) is crucial. Basically, you should adopt a sitting position that supports the natural S-shape of the spine.



Since the steering gear determines where you go when cycling, the correct setting and height are particularly important.



The right frame height is important for high riding comfort and fun. Once you have decided on a model, the first step is to determine the frame height. This depends primarily on your leg / stride length. You can use the following rule of thumb to determine the right frame height:
Step length x 0.66 = Frame height

If you are exactly between two frame heights on offer, choose the smaller one. If you would like to equip your bike with a suspension seat post, also choose a frame one size smaller.

On our model pages, after selecting a frame shape, we offer you the option of having the corresponding frame height calculated for your desired bike. This is done even more precisely based on your height, stride and arm length. You can also specify whether you prefer a sporty or comfortable position. Try it out now with your desired model!

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