Stems & Handlebars


Handlebars and stem play an important role in achieving the right seating position. Adjustable systems create adjustment possibilities that significantly influence riding comfort. The perfect combination should always be chosen according to the area of use.


  • City Cruiser

    City Cruiser

    The City Cruiser handlebars ensure an upright riding position. It is higher, has a pleasant bend and thus provides increased riding comfort. 

  • Downhill Riser Bar

    Downhill Riser Bar

    This handlebar significantly flattens the riding position. With the riser bar you sit sportily on the bike to build up more speed and have more pressure on the pedal on the uphill.

  • Flat bar

  • Stuttgarter Bügel


    With the Stuttgart handlebar you get the most upright seating position. This handlebar builds up high and has a clear bend that is aimed in the direction of a Dutch bike, but is by no means unsafe to ride on a pedelec. 

  • Town mirror

    The stylish designer handlebars fits perfectly our Esprit bike. Your riding position is flattened, typical for an urban bike, and thus also agile and sporty.

  • Trekking Town

    Trekking Town

    The Trekking Town handlebar offers very good all-round properties, and its ergonomic bend and slight rise make it an ideal fit for trekking and touring bikes that can also be used for everyday use.


  • Ahead adjustable Swell Eco 31,8

    Sturdy, angle-adjustable, 3D-forged aluminium Ahead stem with 4-screw handlebar clamp, adjustable angle and 31.8 mm handlebar clamp diameter

  • by.Schulz Speedlifter Classic

    by.Schulz Speedlifter Classic

    The Speedlifter Classic allows stepless height adjustment without any tools. It is standard in our compact e-Bikes, where it shows its advantages in terms of variability.

  • by.Schulz Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS

    by.Schulz Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS

    The most variable of our selectable stems. The Twist Pro SDS can be adjusted in height steplessly and without tools to allow for both comfortable and moderately sporty riding positions. The angle of the stem can also be adjusted. To save space in the garage or on tour in the camper van, the handlebars can be folded to the side using a quick release. 

  • Ergotec Crab 2 Ahead

    Ergotec Crab 2 Ahead

    A flat Ahead stem that enables a sporty riding position.

  • Ergotec Octopus 2 Schaftvorbau

    Ergotec Octopus 2 shaft stem, adjustable

    The Octopus is generally more upright due to the increase in height. The angle adjustment makes it very variable and ensures a moderate to upright sitting position.  

  • Ergotec Octopus 50 Ahead

    Ergotec Octopus 50 Ahead

    The Octopus is generally more upright due to the increase in height. The angle adjustment makes it very variable and ensures a moderate to upright sitting position. 

  • Ergotec Pike Ahead mirror

    Ergotec Pike Ahead mirror

    With its mirrored look, the rigid Pike Ahead stem fits perfectly on the stylish Esprit bikes. The riding position becomes much sportier.

  • Ergotec Shark Ahead

    Ergotec Shark Ahead

    With its high safety level, the Shark stem is particularly stable, light and creates a sporty riding position. 

  • Ergotec Swell R Ahead

    Ergotec Swell R Ahead

    With its angle adjustment, the Swell R is the optimal choice for a moderate to sporty seating position. It is designed to be rather flat, but allows for adjustments to a more upright position.