Komponenten Beleuchtung

When it comes to safety there is no substitute for good lighting. That's why we only use brand-name headlights and taillights that impress with their high-quality workmanship and good illumination. The lux number indicates how strong the light emitted is. The width, the intensity, the uniformity and the exact light-dark boundary give the overall picture.


  • BUSCH & MÜLLER IQ-XM (Fernlicht)

    BUSCH & MÜLLER IQ-XM (high beam)

    In normal low beam operation, the new aluminum IQ-XM design headlight from Busch + Müller provides 120 lux: the large-area light field shines far, wide and homogeneously, but like any road-approved headlight, it has an exact cut-off line. Pressing the ergonomic handlebar button breaks through this limit: with 170 lux, the high beam shines upward. Enormous visibility with a clear gain in comfort.

  • Lumotec AVY 40 Lux

    Scheinw.: Lumotec AVY 12V 40Lux

    With the high-quality IQ technology inside the AVY headlight impresses with an exceptionally homogeneous road illumination. With its 40 lux light output, it is ideal for those who want a little more power.

  • Busch & Müller Dopp 35 Lux

    Scheinw.: Lumotec DOPP Plus 3W 35Lux

    A modern, powerful headlight specially developed for entry into the premium class. Thanks to proven lens technology, the LED headlight of the smallest design brings 35 lux to the road, an exceptional performance in this price class and product size, including parking light and daytime running LEDs. Large light openings to the side increase all-round visibility and thus safety.

  • Busch & Müller IQ-X 100 LUX

    Scheinw.: Lumotec IQ-X TS Plus 3W 100Lux Taglicht

    The IQ-X light technology offers broad, wide and uniform street surface lighting. The housing - which is also a cooling system - is made of high-quality aluminium. Standard safety equipment: Close-range illumination, sensor-controlled daytime running light, parking light and a flexible multi-joint headlamp holder with an integrated cable duct, meaning overhead installation is also possible. The sensor automatically activates your bike lighting under appropriate lighting conditions.

  • Busch & Müller IQ-XE 150 Lux

    Scheinw.: Lumotec IQ-XE TS 60V 150Lux

    The IQ-X from Busch + Müller. Its newly developed light technology makes it possible for the first time to reach the 150 lux mark with an e-bike headlight - and with a very wide, broad and homogeneous large-area illumination of the road. For all those who are on the road with the bike in any wind and weather, and in any season. The HighEnd technology is joined by design in the IQ-X: The housing, which also serves as a cooling system, is made of high-quality aluminum.

  • Busch & Müller IQ-XS 80 Lux

    Scheinw.: Lumotec IQ-XS TS Plus 3W 80Lux Taglicht

    If you are often on the road in the dark, the IQ-XS is a good choice. With its 80 Lux, it lights the road or path brightly. It also offers good close-range illumination. A daytime running light is also integrated.

  • Busch & Müller MYC 50 Lux

    Scheinw.: Lumotec MYC 3W 50Lux Taglicht

    Im kompakten Format bringt der MYC Scheinwerfer eine gute Ausleuchtung der Straße mit sich, mit einer Leuchtstärke von 50 Lux leuchtet er bereits den Nahfeldbereich vor dem Fahrrad gleichmäßig und hell aus. Zusätzlicher Pluspunkt: die Lichtleisten an der Seite machen dich mit deinem Rad im Verkehr gut sichtbar.

  • SON Edelux

    Scheinw.: SON Edellux

    The Edelux II is designed for hub dynamos that supply 6 volts alternating voltage. Even at very low power (low driving speed), it gives even, flicker-free light. At high speeds, the brightness increases up to 100 lux. Its parking light is so bright that it is not only suitable for being seen, and switches off automatically after 4 minutes.

Rear lights

  • Busch & Müller Toplight Line Brex

    Busch & Müller Toplight Line Brex

    More safety and better visibility in road traffic: The Busch & Müller Toplight Line Brex uses a gyroscope sensor to determine the braking process and displays this brightly to the rear.

  • Axa Juno

    Rücklicht: Axa Juno

    Compact design meets good visibility. Thanks to the LED technology and the wide reflector, you will be seen from a distance of 500m. The side lighting provides additional safety in the dark.

  • Pimento

    Rücklicht: Pimento

    A powerful rear light that contributes to optimal visibility of the rider. The light beam shines very brightly both to the rear and to both sides. The curved optics also fit perfectly on compact luggage racks.

  • SUV

    Rücklicht: SUV

    The space-saving rear light is mounted directly on the wheel guard. This means that the bike can also be ridden completely without a rear rack, but still with a rear light. 

  • Trelock LS-611Duo Flat

    Rücklicht: Trelock LS611

    Flat design, an integrated reflector and LED technology ensure good visibility.


  • Shimano DH UR700 XT

    Nabendynamo: Shimano DH UR700 XT

    This hub dynamo achieves a high energy yield with minimal rolling resistance. Thanks to its anodised surface, the Shimano DH UR700 XT is well protected against environmental influences, while the precise bearings and single-contact seal ensure a long service life.

  • Shimano DH3N72 Nut

    Nabendynamo: Shimano DH3N72 QR

    The Shimano DH3N72 NUT saves weight with its aluminium coils. With its super-polished treads, it has little resistance and provides a balanced power supply for headlight and rear light.



    The high-class hub dynamo of Shimano has a lower rolling resistance, higher efficiency (about 55%) and better sealed bearings. Equipped with a quick-release lever. 



    The DH3D37 hub dynamo includes a quick-release device and is compatible with disk brakes. Our high-quality hub is also super-efficient.



    Hub dynamos are mounted in the front wheel, they are always working and therefore permanently generating electricity. The technically reasoned freewheel resistance is not or barely noticeable. The integrated VELO DE VILLE sensor apertures are used to automatically turn on the lighting when its needed. Made possible by a light-sensitive sensor. It also turns off automatically. 

  • SON 28

    SON 28

    The SON 28 is a universal hub dynamo that is approved for use with all wheel sizes. It reaches its nominal output at 28" wheel at about 16 km/h. This makes it particularly suitable for use when lots of light is required when cycling slowly. The new SON 28 is very light. The construction and appearance are similar to the SONdelux.