Modular carrier system


New possibilities

The luggage rack has long ceased to be a simple means to an end. While it used to be a simple metal frame with a spring flap on which objects were transported, today it is also part of the design, in addition to its many functions. In the latest generation of VELO DE VILLE pedelecs, the carrier has been adapted to the design language of the respective series, and some useful functions have been added to make the component more flexible. Every pedelec in the new line-up with Bosch comes with the new modular carrier system as standard.

Model-specific carriers

Our new Bosch lineup is characterised in particular by the newly developed frames, which also speak a completely new language in terms of function and design. In order to optimally complement the shapes of the bikes, the luggage rack has been adapted to the respective series and underlines the sporty character of the bike, for example on the SEB.

Gepäckträger an SUV Pedelec
Deck eines Gepäckträgers

Various decks

All new carriers have flexibility in common across all models: the deck is selectable so that bags or baskets can be clicked in without tools and can also be easily removed again. You can choose between a MIK HD-deck and the Racktime Snap-It 1.0 or 2.0 system.

Ortlieb 3.1 adapters

If a bag should be transported with the Ortlieb 3.1 system, the fastening adapters can now simply be added in the configurator. For a lot of luggage, the adapters can also be ordered directly on both sides. The attachment points on the luggage carrier are always provided, so the adapters can also be retrofitted at a specialist shop without any problems.

Ortlieb 3.1 Besfestigungspunkte am Gepäckträger
Stellstangen zur Kindersitzmontage am Gepäckträger

Child seat preparation

The additional braces connect the luggage carrier to the seat tube. This gives it additional strength to provide even more stability when mounting a child seat. The braces always come in conjunction with the MIK HD deck and thus enable tool-free mounting of a corresponding child seat. The load capacity of the rack is 27 kg with the safety bars. They are not required for SEB and KEB models due to their design.

Even more space for luggage

In addition, there is now another place where items can be transported. The pre-drilled receptacles for our specially designed accessories mounted on the head tube allow for more storage space near the handlebars. Ideal for daily shopping or on tour!

Headtube bag

The softshell bag is firmly screwed to the front of the head tube and is designed for the Bosch PowerMore battery. It is equipped with a cable outlet to connect the compact additional battery to the bike. Of course, the battery can also be removed and the bag can be opened with a zip. If no additional battery is needed, the bag with its full volume of about 2.3 litres can also be used for smaller items that need to be taken along on tour.

Rahmentasche am Steuerrohr eines Pedelecs mit Zusatzakku
am Steuerrohr montierter Frontkorb am Pedelec

Front basket

This sturdy basket creates plenty of space to stow shopping, for example. With a load capacity of up to 10 kg, it can hold a lot. A stylish detail at the front - the punched-out V. Thanks to its adjustable fastening, the inclination of the basket can be adjusted and thus also adapted to the corresponding model.

Front rack

Here, too, the different decks come into play: with their help, various MIK or Racktime Snap-It accessories can be easily attached to the luggage carrier. The different decks can be selected directly in the configurator. The front carrier can carry a load of up to 10 kg.

am Steuerrohr montierter Frontgepäckträger
seitlich am Steuerrohr angebrachte Halterung für Flaschen oder Schlösser

Front Mount Adapter

A lock or a bottle cage are useful accessories on the bike. With the Front Mount Adapters, these can be easily attached to the head tube. They are simply screwed into the holes together with the holder. The distance is standardised so that almost any bottle or lock holder will fit. And since there are mounts on both sides, you can attach two accessories at the same time.

Geschlossene Tasche am Steuerrohr des Pedelecs
Gepäckträger am SEB Pedelec
Ausgestanztes V im Frontkorb
Gepäckträger des kompakten KEB Pedelecs
Gepäckträger vorn am Bike montiert
Gepäckträger des AEB Pedelecs