Sättel & Sattelstützen

Hardly any component has as much influence on riding comfort as the saddle. That is why it is very important to choose the right shape for the individual dream bike, especially for longer tours. The hardness of the saddle is also an important factor that contributes to comfort.  In addition to the saddle, a suspension seatpost can be installed, which significantly increases the riding comfort. 

  • Brooks Flyer

    A real classic: the Brooks Flyer leather saddle convinces with its genuine leather seat that adapts to the sit bones. It also has a spring-loaded frame to make the trekking tour even more comfortable. 

  • Medicus Trekking ladies

  • Selle Royal Loire braun

    The comfortable Loire saddle covers upright to moderate sitting. In addition, the saddle is used in our style package as it perfectly matches the brown attachments. 

  • Selle Royal Loire City Gel

    Selle Royal Loire City Gel

    A softly padded city saddle with an ergonomic shape. It is perfect for comfortable, upright riding positions.

  • Selle Royal Nuvola

    Selle Royal Nuvola

    When seated at 60 degrees, the wider saddle distributes weight and the pressure exerted by sitting bones rearwards over a wide area. The Nuvola Skingel was especially designed for this moderate seating position. (Weight: approx. 446 grams)

  • Selle Royal Shadow

    A thoroughly sporty saddle designed for the flatter sitting positions.

  • Selle Royal Viaggio XXL

    Selle Royal Viaggio XXL

    The Viaggio XXL is perfect for our Happy Size 160 package. It is particularly suitable for tall, heavy riders and offers a wide, comfortable seat.

  • Terry Fisio Flex

    Terry Fisio Flex

    Sporty, ergonomically optimised ComfortGel touring saddle for long-distance use, developed in cooperation with the Cologne Sports University. The concept is based on the innovative 3-zone comfort principle with saddle suspension.

  • Wittkop Medicus City

    Wittkop Medicus City

    The city version of the Medicus saddle offers more seating space and is therefore well suited for comfort bikes. 

  • Wittkop Medicus Trekking

    Wittkop Medicus Trekking

    The Medicus trekking saddle is suitable for all those who want to adopt a moderate sitting position on their bike. That is why we use it as basic equipment on our trekking bikes. 


    The Trekking version also features three seat comfort zones (fixed cushioning with dynamic weight adjustment, elastic triangular shape with dynamic anatomical adjustment and a soft pre-shaped spout to stabilize the sitting position). Thanks to its high quality, this is a great choice for riders who want the best.

  • Alu rigid by.Schulz

    The seat posts of the by.schulz R series, 3D forged from high-strength aluminium, are available in a length of 350 mm. Their surface is sandblasted, black matt anodized and provided with a scale. Its 2-screw clamping allows a stepless and stable fastening of the saddle. 

  • by.Schulz G.2 ST Parallelogramm

    by.Schulz G.2 ST parallel spring-loaded

    The by.schulz suspension G.2 ST  scores points in riding comfort thanks to the the proven parallelogram spring mechanism - and that with only 100 mm setup height and 30 mm spring travel. It is equipped with a replaceable spring. Different spring stiffnesses levels allow the G.2 ST to support body weight from 45 to 150 kg.  

  • Ergotec Atar

    Ergotec Atar

    This aluminium patented seatpost with a two-screw clamp enables the saddle to be moved backwards by up to 25 mm. It is suitable for saddles with stays that are 7 and 8 mm thick.

  • Ergotec Glide

    Ergotec Glide

    The Ergotec Glide is the entry-level suspension seat post, it offers a hardness adjustment as well as adjustable side play. This makes for a comfortable ride. The steel spring suspension supports body weight from 70 up to 120 kg. 

  • Patent Hook 2

    Ergotec Hook 2 Patent

    Hook is a very lightweight patented seatpost made from aluminium. The “Esprit” model is equipped with the Hook seatpost in mirror.

  • Ergotec Hook Evolution

    Ergotec Hook Evolution

    An unsprung seat post transmits the power directly to the drive when pedalling. This makes the Hook Evolution a good choice for sporty riders. The seatpost has a 10mm offset of the saddle to the rear. 

  • Ergotec Patent SP 602 rigid

    For weight reasons we use an unsuspended and light patent seatpost for some of our bikes.

  • Ergotec PM-705N Parallelogramm

    Ergotec PM-705N Parallelogram

    With its good response behaviour, the Ergotec parallelogram seat post reacts quickly and comfortably to bumps. The riding comfort is thus considerably improved, the saddle position and the inclination are adjustable through the clamping. Individual adjustments to the rider's weight are possible through exchangeable springs.

  • Ergotec SP-10.0

    Ergotec SP-10.0

    The spring of the SP-10.0 seat post can be exchanged to adjust the riding comfort. It offers enough travel to compensate for unevenness. 

  • LightSkin mit integriertem Rücklicht

    LightSkin with integrated rear light

    The LightSKIN LED post integrates the bike's rear light into the seat post. It has StVZo approval, can be charged via USB and achieves a lighting duration of up to 15 hours. Perfect for those who want a purist look.

  • Suntour SP12-NCX Parallelogramm

    Suntour SP12-NCX Parallelogramm

    The Suntour SP-12 NCX post uses the parallelogram design. This enables a much finer response of the suspension and thus a significantly higher riding comfort. The spring stiffness is adjustable on the underside and supports 70 - 95 kg. Even shocks from small bumps are precisely absorbed.