Shifting Systems


Basically, the following should be clarified when choosing the gears: where do you want to go with ride your the bike and under what conditions? For (sporty) riders who have to cope with big climbs, derailleur gears with a wider range are recommended. For everyday riders in wind and weather, hub gears may be the better alternative as they require much less maintenance. In addition, a coaster brake can only be selected for certain hub gears.

Gear hub

Thanks to its closed design, the gear hub is a reliable companion in al weathers. Your shifting system covers both everyday riding and more sporty areas depending on the number of gears.
The internal lubrication ensures that the gears function reliably and take you to your destination. The shifting system is known for its low maintenance, so you can concentrate even more on touring on bike. You can find your perfect hub gear and your amount of speeds here:

Gear Hub

  • 11 Gang Shimano Alfine Freilauf

    11 speed Shimano Alfine FW

    With its higher range, the Alfine offers additional gears that pay off on the mountain. It is therefore highly recommended for sportier use. Again, all motors on pedelecs are supported with up to 50 Nm.

  • 14 Gang Rohloff

    14 speed Rohloff

    The 14 speed hub gear of the German inventor Rohloff is the gear for all hub gear enthusiasts. With 14 speeds, the hub offers a similarly wide gear range as a 27 speed derailleur. There are 14 real speeds available, since there is no overlap. The Rohloff hub switches in very constant increments of about 13.6% and is controlled by a twist-grip control. Due to their sealed construction it is extremely durable and guarantees even under extreme conditions long durability.

  • 5 Gang Shimano Nexus Freilauf

    5 speed Shimano Nexus FW

    A hub gear specially developed for pedelecs that also supports the more powerful motors. A coaster brake is optional.

  • 7 Gang Shimano Nexus Freilauf

    7 speed Shimano Nexus FW

    The entry-level hub gear. It is perfectly suited for city use, is very robust with its seven gears. With this gear you can choose an eBike with a motor power up to 50 Nm.

  • 8 Gang Shimano Alfine Freilauf

    8 speed Shimano Alfine FW

    With the Alfine, a hub gear is added that runs very smoothly due to its bearing in oil instead of grease. Perfect for for sporty, everyday or urban use. Ebike motors up to 50 Nm are supported. 

  • 8 Gang Shimano Nexus Freilauf

    8 speed Shimano Nexus FW

    With its eight gears, the Nexus is a good companion on trekking tours or in everyday life. It can be combined with motors of up to 50 Nm on pedelecs. The coaster brake is optional.

  • Enviolo TR

    Enviolo TR

    The Enviolo stepless system takes cycling to a new level. With the twist grip, the cadence can be continuously adjusted. The gears on the pedelec also combinable with more powerful motors.

  • Pinion C1.12

    Pinion C1.12

    The Pinion gearbox, which is located entirely on the bottom bracket, scores with a particularly large gear ratio. With its 12 gears  it is very evenly graduated and a perfect all-round solution.

  • Pinion P1.18

    Pinion P1.18

    The non-plus-ultra of bicycle gears. 18 gears, a huge range and unparalleled reliability. The Pinion P1.18 transmission performs perfectly in the toughest situations and in all conditions. 


Derailleur gear has a number of sprockets in different sizes, a rear derailleur and, on classic bicycles, a front derailleur. The resulting combination of gears allows for a wide range, i.e. a noticeable change in the gear ratio.
Derailleur gears are particularly suitable for riding in mountainous terrain where more gear choices are needed, such as a particularly low gear for starting uphill or a high gear for higher top speed. They are also used on sportier bikes because they save weight and give more direct feedback. Our derailleur gears and their ranges at a glance:

Derailleur gears

  • 10 Gang Shimano CUES U6000

    10 speed Shimano CUES U6000

    With its 10 gears, the Shimano CUES U6000 offers a medium range and is also impressive on hilly terrain. The Linkglide technology enables particularly smooth, easy shifting and the high durability of the drivetrain components makes it very reliable.

  • 11 Gang Shimano CUES U8000

    11 speed Shimano CUES U8000

    The Shimano CUES U8000 with its 11 gears is a particularly good choice should the terrain become more mountainous. It owes its crisp shifting behaviour to the Linkglide technology. The small gears make it possible to master even steeper climbs without much effort, while its durability scores highly in terms of wear.

  • 18 Gang Shimano CUES U4000

    18 speed Shimano CUES U4000

    With 18 gears, the CUES U4000 groupset offers a good range that is ideal for everyday cycling situations. Durability and precise shifting thanks to Linkglide technology are among the strengths of the groupset.

  • 20 Gang Shimano CUES U6000

    20 speed Shimano CUES U6000

    With the CUES U6000 groupset from Shimano, the bike is perfectly equipped for hilly terrain. The Linkglide technology ensures smooth, pleasant shifting and the high-quality drivetrain components make it particularly durable.

  • 22 Gang Shimano CUES U8000

    22 speed Shimano CUES U8000

    With its 22 gears, the Shimano CUES U8000 is a good choice on a bike when the going gets tough. Durability and smooth shifting thanks to Linkglide technology take centre stage.

  • 9 Gang Shimano CUES U4000

    9 speed Shimano CUES U4000

    The 9 gears of the Shimano CUES U4000 are particularly easy to shift thanks to the Linkglide technology. The groupset is also impressive in terms of durability and its versatile range of applications makes it a good choice for both bikes and pedelecs.

Electronic gear

The advantages of derailleur or hub gears are consistently taken further by the electronic implementation. Gear changes can thus be realised particularly precisely. In addition, some electronic gearsticks offer an automatic mode.

Electronic gears

  • 14 Gang Rohloff E14

    14 speed Rohloff E14

    Rohloff also offers an electronic gearstick that shifts gears quickly and reliably via one button. An automatic mode is on board, as is the setting of a starting gear that guarantees  start at the traffic lights always in the same gear.

  • Enviolo AUTOMATiQ

    Enviolo AUTOMATiQ

    Stepless shifting, and fully automatic. The pedelec adjusts the cadence completely independently.