Our equipment packages

The equipment packages are how we smooth the way for customers who may be unfamiliar with bicycle technology but are still keen to tailor the bike to their needs. Packages that put the user first, every time.


    Get out and about without a care with puncture-resistant tyres by Schwalbe. In addition, we fit bikes with ball-bearing pedals, while Pedelecs also have a closed Chainglider chainguard fitted.


    Your bike gets the comfort boost: thanks to a more comfortable saddle and a combination of stem and handlebars for more upright sitting.


    Brown tyres, brown handlebar grips and a brown saddle give your bike a stylish vintage look.


    Give your bike that classic Dutch look with a closed chainguard, expanders on the luggage carrier and a frame lock with a non-removable key.


    Turn your sports bike into a true off-road bike by passing up on lights and mudguards.


    The Vario package makes your bike even more compact. This is achieved by folding pedals and a rotating stem (which allows the handlebars to be moved quickly and comfortably sideways).


    You want more security? No problem. See and be seen better thanks to this light upgrade.

  • HAPPY SIZE 160

    More stability despite a higher total weight? With the Happy Size Package we guarantee a wheel load capacity of up to 160 kg.


    For longer bike rides you are optimally equipped with our travel package thanks to an additional front luggage rack, extra stands for more stability when the bike is fully loaded and a rigid fork.