Find an healthy position

Ergomie Beratung

Ergonomic advise

Foot position

To test the correct foot position, you should place with the ball of the foot on the pedals and be able to pedal freely.  There should be no pelvic movement perceptible when the foot reaches the lowest pedalling position. If the pelvis sinks at this moment, this indicates that the saddle is too high and needs to be lowered. When cycling, pedalling with the instep or heel instead of the forefoot, allows no sideways movement of the ankle. This is very important in order to absorb the sideways motion of the knee.Otherwise, the knee is forced to keep the sideways movement as small as possible, which could result in knee problems.

Seating position

Ideally the individual and bicycle should form a unit, marked by trouble-free movements that promote well-being. The right choice of components, i.e. stem, handlebars, saddle, and post etc., is essential in finding the correct seating position for you personally. Basically you should assume a seating position, which supports the natural s-shape of the spine.


The minimum limit for the saddle height is the setting at which you reach the lowest point of the pedal with your heel when your leg is completely stretched.You should most definitely carry out this test in your chosen cycling position. A saddle which is too low demands unnecessary energy of the body when cycling and can also damage the knee joint. Should you have the feeling after a while on a new bike that a different saddle height would be better, then you should certainly test this.
Should you choose a suspension saddle post, this will contribute greatly to your comfort. It should not be too heavy, react sensitively, and demonstrate good lateral support.


As we know, the handlebars of a bike decide which direction you take. Therefore, the right setting and height are especially important. In an upright position, the upper body angle should ideally be around 45°. This has aerodynamic advantages, supports free breathing when cycling and protects the spinal disc area.


The right frame height is important for a high degree of cycling comfort and fun.

When you have chosen a model, the fame height is first defined. This primarily depends on your leg / inside length.
The following rule of thumb will help you find the right frame height:
Inside leg - 25 cm = frame height

If you should be exactly between two frame heights, choose the smaller of the two. If you wish to fit your bike with a suspension saddle post, you should also choose a frame one size smaller.