Handlebars & stems

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Handlebars & stems

The height and position of the handlebars make a significant impact on riding comfort. The bike’s use and the rider’s personal preferences determine the choice of handlebar style. An upright position for cycling in town, an inclined position for treks or a sportier position for mountainous terrain – these are just some of the options available with the right handlebars.


City Cruiser, Aluminium, 31,8mm

With a 38° handle angle, the enjoyment and comfort handlebar provides a much more upright seating position than the trekking handlebar. It provides a good overview in the city traffic. (Weight: approx. 328 grams)

City oversize

Flat Bar Mirror 31,8 mm

The straight Flatbar enjoys a highly polished appearance. It is ideal for city traffic and makes the bike more compact.
(Weight: approx. 148 g)

Flat Bar Mirror

Riser Bar Aluminium 31,8mm

These very lightweight aluminium handlebars result in a sporty position. (Weight: approx. 395 g)

Riser Bar oversize

Trekking Town Aluminium 31,8mm

With an incline of 35 mm and a 47° arm angle, these very lightweight aluminium handlebars result in a sporty, yet relaxed position. (Weight: approx. 292 Gramm)

Trekking Town oversize


Ahead Crab 2 Aluminium 31,8mm

The Ahead Crab 2 is an ultra lightweight, 3-D formed aluminium ahead stem with 4-screw bar clamp, 7° angle and 31.8 mm stem clamp diameter. The clamp height is 41 mm. (Weight: about 148 grams)

Ahead Crab 2 oversize

Ahead Octopus 50 Aluminium 31,8mm

The Octopus 50 AHS is a stable, angularly adjustable and 3D-forged aluminum ahead stem. The higher steer tube clamp adds 50 mm, enabling a more upright and therefore relaxed seating position.  The fastening on the handlebar is done via a clamping by four screws. (Weight: about 350 grams)

ahead octopus

Ahead Pike / Pike Mirror 31,8 mm

The filigree Ahead Pike stem convinces by its extreme lightness and elegant surface, and at the same time provides all the benefits of an Ahead  system.  Pike Mirror is used in the “Esprit” model. Weight: approx. 160 g)

Ahead Pike Mirror

Ahead Swell R 31,8mm

It is possible to adjust both the angle and the height of the lightweight, 3-D formed aluminium Swell R stem. When adjusting, the height grid and four clamping screws are used to guarantee a safe fixture. The angle adjustment provides a range from -20 ° to + 40 °. (Weight: approx. 280 g)

Ahead Swell R oversize

Ahead Vorbau 31,8 mm

The stable Ahead stem encircles the steer tube from the outside and is clamped by screws. This gives you optimal, strong and stiff connection to the fork. The Ahead stem system finds its use mainly in sport, as it allows a sporty riding position. (Weight: about 320 grams)


Schaftvorbau Octopus 2, winkelverstellbar, 31,8mm

This sturdy, high-quality 3-D formed aluminium stem is secured using a four-screw stem clamp. The stem’s angle can be adjusted.
(Weight: approx. 440 g)

Schaftvorbau Octopus 2

Speedlifter Twist Pro 31,8 mm

This lightweight ahead stem is highly adjustable. Not only its angle can be adjusted without the need for tools, but also its height (100 mm). Using the locking pins and fast-release lever, you can turn the Twist Pro Speedlifter by 90° so that your bike can be stored easily and compactly. It is also equipped with a safety stop to help preventtheft.
(Weight: approx. 370 g)

Speedfilter Twist Pro