Lightning systems and dynamos

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In all Velo de Ville bikes a two-core cable is laid - in order to avoid cable breaks in the frame tube and mudguard. This defines, along with the shock-proof mounting of the rear light under the luggage carrier, the lighting concept of a VELO DE VILLE bike which is based on safety and low-maintenance. In terms of headlights and back lights, we opted for components from the German manufacturers Busch & Müller and Trelock, as well as the French manufacturer AXA.

Front lights

Axa Echo 15 Lux

The brushless DC motor is driven with 36 volts and delivers output of 250 watts. Torque peaks at 25 Nm. (Weight: around 2.6 kg)


Lumotec Avy Senso Plus 40 Lux

Avy is part of the young generation. Almost as slimline as the extremely popular Bruder Eyc. It incorporates genuine IQ technology. Boasting 40 lux of power and lighting the way ahead effectively and evenly, this is the ideal mid-range headlamp: state-of-the-art technology at a very appealing price-performance ratio. (Weight approx. 80 grams)

Lumotec Avy 40 Lux

Lumotec IQ-X 100 Lux

The IQ-X light technology offers broad, wide and uniform street surface lighting. The housing - which is also a cooling system - is made of high-quality aluminium. Standard safety equipment: Close-range illumination, sensor-controlled daytime running light, parking light and a flexible multi-joint headlamp holder with an integrated cable duct, meaning overhead installation is also possible. The sensor automatically activates your bike lighting under appropriate lighting conditions.
(Weight: approx. 100 grams)

Lumotec IQ-XM

Lumotec IQ-X 150 Lux

The IQ-X model from Busch + Müller. In a first, its newly developed light technology sees an e-bike headlight reach the 150 lux mark - evenly illuminating a very wide and expansive area of road. As well as high-end technology, IQ-X also excels in design: check out the high-quality aluminium housing, which also serves as a cooling system. Slots in the bracket, with laterally directed bright light on either side, plus a blue lighting ring on the rear for unbeatable visibility. (Weight: approx. 100 grams)

Lumotec IQ-XM

Lumotec IQ-X S 70 Lux

These high-performance headlights with innovative IQ light technology offer great, even lighting of the road ahead at 70 lux, as well as close-range illumination. It features a daytime running light for bikes that, thanks to a brightness sensor, automatically switches between day and night mode, as well as an automatic stand light. The IQ-X S can be switched on very easily thanks to a user-friendly switch. (Weight: approx. 100 g)

Lumotec IQ-XM

Lumotec IQ-XM (inkl. Fernlicht)

High-tech at its finest. The IQ-XM model, from Busch und Müller, offers a high-beam light on a par with your car. A generous 80 lux lights up the road in dimmed mode, while the full 120 lux provides unsurpassed vision in high-beam mode (weight: around 100 grams).

Lumotec IQ-XM

Lumotec UPP 30 Lux

The Lumotec UPP N provides a high light output of 30 lux. It also boasts a compact construction and innovative design. The Lumotec UPP N offers an integrated front reflector and optimal light distribution. Close-range illumination and side lighting have been specially developed to boost your safety, making you more visible to oncoming traffic while still offering excellent visibility of the road ahead of you. The front light also has a stand light function. (Weight: approx. 80 g)

Lumotec UPP 30

Trelock LS 230 20 Lux

Excellent visibility – the unique light ring on the Trelock LS 230 makes the cyclist more visible, thus boosting safety. The light ring is also an added extra in terms of style, harmoniously in keeping with the shape of the compact dynamo front light, which is ideal for the urban environment at 20 lux. Battery-operated, field of vision: 40 m, visibility: 900 m (Weight: approx. 65 g)

Scheinwerfer Trelock LS 230

Back lights

Toplight View

The most elegant TOPLIGHT of all times. The clear casing allows an optimal lateral light emission. Automatic position light. Centrally integrated large reflector. 18 mm slim.  Two super bright LEDs create a dual light source. Two patented light systems emit two strips of light. The effect: a brightly shining light area that can be recognised from great distances. (Weight about 50 grams)

Standlicht Toplight View

Trelock LS 611 Duo Flat

The intelligent design of the  LS 611 Duo Flat in the 6–12 V version ensures perfect illumination and light distribution so that the cyclist is not only easily visible from the back, but also from the side. The LS 611 Duo Flat also offers a stand light function for additional safety. This ensures that the back light is still illuminated after stopping for 4 minutes. The field of vision is 300 m. (Weight: approx. 50 g)

Trelock LS611 Duo Flat

Hub dynamos

Shimano Alfine QR

The high-class hub dynamo of Shimano has a lower rolling resistance, higher efficiency (about 55%) and better sealed bearings. Equipped with a quick-release lever.
(Weight: about 575 grams)

Nabendynamo Shimano Alfine

Shimano DH3D37 QR

The DH3D37 hub dynamo includes a quick-release device and is compatible with disk brakes. Our high-quality hub is also super-efficient. (Weight: approx. 757 grams)

Nabendynamo Shimano DH3D37 QR mit Schnellspanner

Shimano DH3N31

Hub dynamos are mounted in the front wheel,  they are always working and therefore permanently generating electricity. The technically reasoned freewheel resistance is not or barely noticeable. The integrated VELO DE VILLE sensor apertures are used to automatically turn on the lighting when its needed. Made possible by a light-sensitive sensor. It also turns off automatically.
(Weight: approx. 685 grams)

Nabendynamo Shimano DH3N31

SON 28

The SON 28 is a universal hub dynamo that is approved for use with all wheel sizes. It reaches its nominal output at 28" wheel at about 16 km/h. This makes it particularly suitable for use when lots of light is required when cycling slowly. The new SON 28 is very light.  The construction and appearance are similar to the SONdelux. (Weight: about 430 g)

Nabendynamo SON 28