Pure driving comfort

Sattel Fahrrad

Saddles & seatposts

A sprung seatpost makes your ride significantly more comfortable. It has to tick the boxes: sensitive enough, not too heavy and good directional control.


Sattel Brooks Flyer

The Flyer and its ladies model Flyer S are classically sprung saddles for long distance trekking and touring. It is directly descending from the B66 Champion, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Sharing the same leather tops of the B17 models, they combine the comfort of these popular models with the extra suspension granted by two rear springs. Both are available with tubular steel rivets or with hand hammered copper rivets under the names of Flyer Special and Flyer S Special.
(Weight:  about 860 grams)

Sattel «Brooks Flyer»

Selle Royal Loire Gel

(black or brown)
The seating position has the greatest influence on how the sit bones and certain body parts come into contact with the saddle. These contact points require specific saddle designs. By taking into account these important touch zones Selle Royal has defined 3 different seating positions: Relaxed, Moderate and Athletic. The Loire Gel meets the requirements of the Relaxed seating position. The driver sits generally upright with a spine angle of 90 degrees. In this position, more than 60% of the weight is right on the rear seat area. (Weight: approx 622 grams)

Selle Royal «Loire GEL»

Selle Royal Nuvola Skingel

When seated at 60 degrees, the wider saddle distributes weight and the pressure exerted by sitting bones rearwards over a wide area. The Nuvola Skingel was especially designed for this moderate seating position. (Weight: approx. 446 grams)

Selle Royal «Nuvola Skingel»

Selle Royal Shadow

The "Athletic" rider normally sits with an angle of 45 degrees on the saddle. Selle Royal "Shadow" offers the right design to meet these special requirements. (Weight: approx 369 grams)

Selle Royal «Shadow»

Selle Royal Viaggio XXL

One of the sturdiest Selle Royal saddles, suited to the Relaxed riding position and tested to support up to 160 Kg. This saddle is also one of our widest; it features a system of wide gauge elastomers and a surface layer of highly durable Strengtex. Further support is provided by the Royalgel™ padding, which guarantees the highest level of comfort by reducing pressure peaks up to 40%. (Weight: about 640 g)

Viaggio XXL

Velo de Ville Twin City

The Velo to Ville Twin City puts comfort first, with the subtle saddle design and luxury seated feel.

Twin City Sattel

Velo de Ville Twin Trekking

The more sporty model of the Velo de Ville, this twin saddle offers a slimline look and the perfect seat for long trips.

Twin Trekking Sattel

Wittkop Medicus City

Good workmanship, great padding and an ergonomic form, specially developed by doctors. A triple-header of comfort zones (fixed cushioning with dynamic weight adjustment, an elastic triangular shape with dynamic anatomical adjustment and a soft, pre-shaped outlet to stabilize the sitting position).

Wittkop Medicus City

Wittkop Medicus Trekking

The Trekking version also features three seat comfort zones (fixed cushioning with dynamic weight adjustment, elastic triangular shape with dynamic anatomical adjustment and a soft pre-shaped spout to stabilize the sitting position). Thanks to its high quality, this is a great choice for riders who want the best.

Wittkop Medicus Trekking

Unsprung seatposts

Ergotec Atar

This aluminium patented seatpost with a two-screw clamp enables the saddle to be moved backwards by up to 25 mm. It is suitable for saddles with stays that are 7 and 8 mm thick.
(Weight: approx. 340 g)

Ergotec Atar, ungefedert

Patent Hook 2

Hook is a very lightweight patented seatpost made from aluminium 6061. The “Esprit” model is equipped with the Hook seatpost in mirror.
(Weight: approx. 285 g)

Hook ungefedert

Patent SP 602

For weight reasons we use an unsuspended and light patent seatpost for some of our bikes. (Weight: about 358 grams)

Sattelstütze Patent SP 602, ungefedert

Sprung seatposts

G2 Urban by Schulz, Parallelogramm

The parallel, spring-loaded, G.1 Urban seatpost comprises of a forged aluminium construction. The installation height of 99 mm, the deflexion of 30 mm, the brass bushing and stainless steel axles, elastomer shock absorbers and flat-wire steel springs with elastomer comply with the requirements of DIN standard 14766-MTB. (Weight: approx. 600 g)

G2 Urban, parallel gefedert


Thanks to the personal adjustment of the suspension on your needs, the seatpost "Post Moderne PM-780" guarantees a comfortable ride. Also, the side clearance is adjustable. (Weight: about 518 grams)

Post Moderne PM-780, gefedert

Hook Evolution

The 3D-forged aluminum seatpost with 2-bolt clamping allows 15 mm pull back. It is suitable for saddles with an 8 mm slide.
(Weight: about 385 grams)

HOOK Evolution, ungefedert


Even at the entry level, you do not have to abandon the comfort of a suspension seatpost. With the suspended KSP 525 you will, guaranteed, arrive comfortably to your destination. (Weight: about 450 grams)

Sattelstütze KSP 525, gefedert

SP 10.0

The SP 10.0 suspension seatpost made from AL6061 aluminium features an exceptional construction. Its characteristics, including a 100 mm installation height and a 45 mm deflexion, make it ideal for long treks on the bike, even when the terrain is not so even. The tension is able to be adjusted directly on the seatpost head. (Weight: 438 g)

Suntour Parallelogramm

The suspended Parallelogram-Seatpost with a combination of coil springs and elastomer can come up with a range of spring of 48 mm. The distance to the pedal does not change during suspension, due to the parallelogramm. (Weight: about 800 grams)

Suntour « Parallelogramm », gefedert