E-Bike SUV

SEB 490

A new era of Custom made.

Dynamic on the road with the SEB 490. The sporty pedelec's wide tyres provide optimal suspension, even when the road gets a little rougher. The Active Line Plus Smart motor from Bosch provides support when pedalling. 

SEB 490

In the SUV series, the focus is on versatility. Choose your frame, gears and other components.

Configurate your dream bike

Diamant Intube

The diamant frame with fully integrated battery. It implements maximum stability at any frame height.

Wave Intube

The comfortable version of the trekking frame is also available with the fully integrated rechargeable battery.

Trapez Intube

Sporty and elegant at the same time - the frame in the classic trapeze shape hides the battery perfectly in its tube.

Bosch Smart System

With the Smart System, the components of the drive are optimally linked. The display, control unit, various batteries and motors allow you to customise your riding experience with the Bosch Flow app. With the over-the-air updates, you are always up to date.

Equipment packages


A brown saddle, brown tyres and brown grips give your bike a vintage look.

  • Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Efficiency, 60-584, brown
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Explora Relaxed, brown
  • Grips: Herrmans Primergo, brown


Premium quality through and through: We replace the high-quality components with even better ones.

  • Fork: RST Blade Pro Air, Lockout
  • Seatpost: SR Suntour NCX parallelogram
  • Headlight: Busch & Müller IQ-X 150 Lux TS
  • Frame lock: with
  • Charger: 4A


Turn your bike into a real off-roader.

- Fork: RST Vogue E Air
- Luggage carrier: without
- Headlight: without
- Rear light: none
- Wheel guards: without


Make your bike more comfortable with one package: this combination of different components creates a more upright, comfortable riding position.

  • Seatpost: SR Suntour NCX parallelogram
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Loire
  • Stem: Ergotec Sepia 50
  • Handlebar: Ergotec Trekking
  • Frame lock: with


Thanks to the Supernova components, you bring plenty of light into the darkness: in addition to the daytime running light on the M99 Pro 2 headlight, the set also comes with low beam and high beam, and the TL3 Pro Max rear light makes you and your bike clearly visible from behind in all weather conditions.


The step saddle and ergonomically shaped grips from SQLab offer further benefits in terms of riding comfort, and the package is particularly suitable for touring-oriented frequent riders.

  • Grips: SQLab 710
  • Saddle: SQLab Ergolux Active 2.0

Happy Size 160

Greater stability despite a higher overall weight? With the Happy Size package, we guarantee a bike load capacity of up to 160 kg.

  • Fork: RST Blade Pro Air, lockout
  • Seatpost: by.Schulz G.2 ST
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Viaggio XXL
  • Stem: Ergotec Octopus 50 XL
  • Handlebar: Ergotec Trekking, Level 5
  • Spokes: Sapim 2.34 ED

Sizing and Technical info

Frame types


45 - 48 - 53 - 58 - 63


45 - 48 - 53 - 58


48 - 53 - 58 - 63


7 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

8 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

9 speed Shimano CUES U4000

5 speed Shimano Nexus freewheel

5 speed Shimano Nexus coaster brake

8 speed Shimano Alfine freewheel

10 speed Shimano CUES U6000

11 speed Shimano CUES U8000

11 speed Shimano Alfine freewheel

Enviolo TR


14 speed Rohloff

14 speed Rohloff E14

Gross vehicle weight

140 kg (Happy-Size 160kg)


29.5 kg

Basic equipment

Colour options

Select desired colour

Also available in matte finish.


Schwalbe Johnny Watts 60-584

Excellent choice for SUV bikes. Johnny Watts combines 60mm width smooth running on hard surfaces with long durability and puncture protection, like no other profile. Off-road instilling confidence, while on pavement rolling whisper-quiet. Versatile, deep tread for a wide range of uses from asphalt to off-road. Blocks with large contact areas for excellent, low-vibration rolling characteristics and high durability. Even, good-natured cornering behavior on hard surfaces.

Schwalbe Johnny Watts 60-584

RST Blade

With the RST Blade, our SUV and Fully Tour bikes are equipped with 100mm travel as standard. As a steel suspension fork, it also has a lockout at the fork crown so that the suspension can be blocked if necessary. Thanks to the thru axle on the wheel hub, it is also stiffer than its quick-release counterparts. This is good for the handling when the bikes are offroad and the terrain gets rougher.

RST Blade

Magura Disc MT5N/MT4N

The combination of the two Magura brakes significantly increases braking power. At the front, the MT5N uses a hydraulic four-piston brake, which transmits the power in a well-dosed manner and allows a more powerful braking point to be reached. As the weight is directed towards the front wheel during braking, a slightly less powerful brake is needed at the rear, also to prevent the rear wheel from locking. The MT4N as a hydraulic two-piston brake therefore complements the set perfectly.

Magura Disc MT5N/MT4N

Selle Royal Explora Relaxed

With the Explora, you can go on everyday and leisure rides alike. It was specially developed for touring in mixed terrain, where it really comes into its own: with its comfortable padding that absorbs vibrations and shocks, it is suitable for both more upright and flatter sitting positions.

The Explora Relaxed is designed for a very upright seating position, ensuring good riding comfort.

Selle Royal Explora Relaxed

Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh

For all those who want to cover longer distances. With the 500 Wh power pack, the more powerful motors in particular can be optimally supplied.

Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh

Bosch Active Line Plus

The efficient motor - a perfect touring companion even beyond the city limits. This drive features 50 Newton metres of power, compact design and a light weight. It is also quiet, very energy-efficient and can be combined with a coaster brake. A motor that delivers at its best on moderate inclines.

Bosch Active Line Plus

Ergotec Hook Evolution

An unsprung seat post transmits the power directly to the drive when pedalling. This makes the Hook Evolution a good choice for sporty riders. The seatpost has a 10mm offset of the saddle to the rear. 

Ergotec Hook Evolution

Ergotec Active Flex

With the Active Flex System from Ergotec, the grip itself can be adjusted. This means that the hand rest can be adjusted either directly for sport or comfortably and conveniently. To do this, simply change the flex stick included.

Ergotec Active Flex

Ergotec Riser

This handlebar significantly flattens the riding position. With the Ergotec Riser you sit sportily on the bike to build up more speed and have more pressure on the pedal on the uphill.

Ergotec Riser

Herrmans MR-9E (70 Lux)

With its 70 lux light output and wide illumination, the Herrmans MR-9 ensures that the path in front of you is brightly lit. Its high-quality aluminium housing makes it robust and reliable. The integrated, efficient cooling system guarantees reliable operation of the headlamp.

Herrmans MR-9E (70 Lux)